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Cinema Verite Haiti is a radio show on WSRF 1580 AM that presents and discusses the world of Cinema on Haiti (and Afro-Caribbean cinema.) This show impacts the Community by presenting info about what is going on in the business world, especially in the world of showbiz. Cinema Verite Haiti features movies, music videos, radio and television personalities and more…. 


Rose-Philippe Coriolan is one of the founders of Janatro, which work closely with JNR Productions.  
She has  been working for more than fifteen years as Chief Operation Manager at WSRF 1580 AM and 99.5 Fm.Rose also had the opportunity to work as a producer for many successful radio shows. She is one of the Host of Cinema Verite Radio Show on WSRF 1580AM and 99.5FM at 5:00pm every Sunday. As a Chief Operations Manager, she is a bridge between all Executive Producers, Directors of projects to develop concepts and cost analysis for Movies, Documentaries, Commercials and Music Videos. has worked on many film projects like Haiti Another Struggle, Lost Child From Haiti, Bitter rice, The  last days of Mommy Niconne's life.

Wolf Bertrand is a Director, Producer in the Haitian Film Industry.  He works on different projects in order to bring Haitian Film Industry to the  next level.  He hosts Cinema Verite Radio Show on 1580AM and 99.5Fm at 5:00pm every Sunday.

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